A Birthday Celebration


Pigs Mud Bath Cake

Piggy loves a mud bath!

Our daughter turned 8 in April.  With the Passover and Easter holidays as well as her school break, she had to wait three weeks to celebrate her birthday.  This past Saturday with a few friends in tow she exploded with joy, as she was able to eat at a favorite restaurant and of course indulge in an amazing cake.  She loves and collects pigs.  Stuffed pigs, pig t-shirts, piggy banks, pig salt & pepper shakers, you name it, and she has it.  But, her favorite pig, the one that started it all, is the stuffed animal she received from her Great Grandma Ida (my Grandmother) on the day she was born.  She fondly named him “PIG”. This cake reflected her love of pigs, a replica of the beloved toy enjoying what pigs enjoy; a cool mud bath with friends.   As the girls screamed with glee over the cake, I could not help but reflect on how cake is such a big part of all of life’s celebrations and how cake is changing the course of my life.   Now, almost one year after opening our retail doors at the Limelight Marketplace I feel proud that my husband and I, as well as our team, are able to be a part of so many people’s joyous occasions by bringing their cake dreams to life.  Simple or elaborate, small or large I know that the cakes we provide help people mark milestones and happy times by adding a personalized sweet ending to their celebration.  I think that just about any time cake can bring happiness to someone’s day.  I focus back on the giggling girls inspecting the cake, claiming the piece they want to eat.  I realize that cake is enhancing my life and bringing me joy each day in so many ways.





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