A Decadent Dessert Buffet

A Decadent Dessert Buffet


Make your event unique with a contemporary twist on the traditional Viennese Table. From elegant to whimsical, homemade to elaborate, Dessert Buffets are a popular way to enhance your event’s personality and style.  Here are some thoughts for planning your Dessert Buffet:


  • MAKE IT MATCH: Reflect your color or theme by using special props, decorative linens and display vessels.  Jars filled with assortments of candy, fruit or other colorful items add POP to the table.
  • A BIT OF FUN: Include whimsical elements,  cotton candy on decorative sticks, popcorn in individual monogrammed bags, bite sized retro desserts such as whoopie pies, mini cupcakes and rice krispy treats are great ways to add some campy fun to your event.
  • FLAVOR FOCUS: If you love chocolate, let your guests indulge in an all chocolate feast.  Chocolate brownies and cookies, chocolate covered fruit, hand-dipped chocolate pretzels and an array of chocolate truffles make the table decadent and delicious.  If variety is your style include standard chocolate and vanilla, then add interest with flavors such as red velvet, spiced ginger, dulce de leche, praline and coffee.
  • SOMETHING TO REMEMBER: As guests depart give them a gift they will appreciate and enjoy; decorative packages with an item from the buffet packed inside.  Cupcakes, brownies, cookies and chocolates can be savored the next day or shared with friends.
  • MAKE IT A PARTY: A dessert buffet can BE the party.  For a Shower, Kids Birthday or Holiday Party start-off with a few small hors d’oeuvres while guests arrive and mingle,  then unveil the indulgent highlight, serve beverages that compliment the sweets.
  • HOW TO GET IT DONE: If your venue can’t create your dessert buffet vision, discuss bringing in an outside specialist.  Some bakeshops will provide the sweets for your venue to set-up and display. Others will supply the decor, props, platters and vessels along with the sweets and baked goods.  Ask the bakeshop or vendor for a written proposal,  so you know what will be included.


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