Cake Makes People Happy

Cake Makes People Happy


As the excitement grows and we prepare for the Limelight Marketplace to open, many custom cake orders continue to flow in. Cakes with Dora and Friends, Batman, The Backyardigans, Tinkerbelle, Yankees, Knicks, Flowers and Butterflies are all on the menu. Loved by their recipients the original designs and delicious flavor accomplish the goal of making their party extraordinary. Being the non-artistic partner, I am impressed by them all. But the cake that totally blows me away is the Dog Cake created for our daughter’s 7th birthday party held in our kitchen two weeks ago.

Orlando goes all out to create a cake that makes her dream come true. She explains her vision and draws a sketch for him to work from (her fathers daughter). Then, a week before the party Orlando begins to model and mold chocolate, carve cake and lay and paint fondant. The final creation is a work of art. When guests arrive they aren’t even aware that the creation displayed is a 100% edible. The cake brings joy to everyone especially our daughter. Mission Accomplished!

The party was a hit! 30 girls (four lucky boys peppered in the mix), entertained by busy activities of coloring chef hats, cake boxes and aprons. But, the final activity proved to be the most engaging; decorating their own mini cakes. Creative juices were flowing! Buttercream and sprinkles everywhere each child had a vision of what they wanted to achieve and so they did. With fondant butterflies and flowers in hand, there was no limit to what could be designed. Both Orlando and I saw potential Cake Artists in them all.

Before the party began our daughter created a sign that said “Happy Baking” and this party proved that cake is more than a sweet treat to eat, it is filled with possibility and most importantly makes people happy!