Trendy: Gender Reveal Cake

Trendy: Gender Reveal Cake


Boy or Girl? That is what everyone is waiting to see at a Gender Reveal Party. When I say everyone, I mean EVERYONE! Even the parents of the expected baby are kept in the dark until they cut into their Gender Reveal Cake and see Blue or Pink.


Gender Reveal Cake

The party is set to take place after the ultrasound appointment that shows what sex the baby is. At that appointment, the technician places the ultrasound with the written confirmation of boy or girl in an envelope and seals it without the parents knowing their fate. The envelope is delivered to the Cake Artist who opens it when the baking begins.


This determines whether the cake is colored blue or pink. The outside of the cake is decorated with rattles, blocks and teddy bears that do not give the secret away. The moment of truth comes near the end of the party when the couple slices the cake to “Reveal” Boy OR Girl. This new tradition is a great way to have everyone involved in the joy of discovery. Friends and family, old and young all attend the party and everyone is thrilled when the secret is revealed.