Tip for Ordering a Custom Cake

Tip for Ordering a Custom Cake



Customized Cake: 11 Tips

  1. Think Ahead:  When ordering a custom cake there is typically lot of discussion about the details before the order is finalized.   Make sure you place your order well in advance so that the bakery is able to add your order onto their decorating and baking schedule.
  2. The Look:  Consider the theme and color scheme of your celebration and look for a design that will compliment it. Pull images and design elements that peak your interest and share them with your Cake Consultant.
  3. Your Budget: Plan your budget based on facts.  Pricing for a custom cake is somewhat of a blind item.  Keep in mind that these cakes are very labor intensive to create and cost more than a standard bakery cake. Call the bakeshop in advance to find out the starting price of a similar cake style.  Simple, ornate, 3D vs. 2D vs. edible printouts will all factor into the price of the cake.   Ask for example photos so that you have a good understanding of what you will be getting.  Once you have all the information think about what is important to you and what you realistically want to spend.
  4. Share the Information: When placing your order share your budget range with the Cake Consultant.  This will allow the Cake Artist to plan a design based on your budget.  Custom cakes cover a large price range so it’s best to be upfront about what you are looking to spend.  Once you receive your quote you can always add or remove design elements to make it work for your budget.
  5. Cake Size: Shaped cakes and decorated cakes need to be somewhat sizeable to achieve the desired look.  If you are not having a large number of guests, plan on giving everyone cake to take home or cut the cake into individual slices, wrap each slice well and freeze it so that you can enjoy one slice at a time in the future.
  6. Real vs. Fake: Often people ask if using “fake tiers” will bring down the price, this is not so.  Pricing is based on the design elements and intricacies that need to be executed, therefore fake or real those tiers need to be decorated.
  7. Know your Crowd: Consider your guests when selecting the flavor and filling for your cake. Are there any allergies? Nuts? Gluten free? Also, think about the overall crowd, if it is mostly children you may want to select a more basic kid-friendly option like vanilla/vanilla or chocolate/chocolate. If it is a more adult gathering you can be more creative with fillings such as Bourbon Pecan Praline or Guava & Dulce de Leche.
  8. Delivery vs. Pick-up: Bakeries charge an additional fee for delivery based on the final destination.  It is best to have your cake delivered so that it arrives without incident.  Cakes can be very heavy and cumbersome.  Picking-up your cake may sound like a way to save money but there is the risk of the cake being damaged in transit.
  9. Slice it Right: Cutting the cake can sometimes be intimidating due to the shape.  Ask your bakeshop to suggest the best way to cut your cake based on its design.
  10. Eat Well.  Cake, buttercream and fondant taste best when eaten at room temperature.  The larger the cake, the more time it takes to adjust.  If the cake is too cold it may taste a little dry and the buttercream will not be soft.  Cake can be set-up in a temperature-controlled room for several hours without issue.   Heat and humidity begin to affect fondant and buttercream.  Sweating, bubbling and melting may happen if your cake gets too warm.
  11. Leftovers: If you have leftover cake you can store it in an airtight container or wrap it well and put it in the refrigerator for several days.  Make sure it is covered well otherwise it may pick-up other smells in the refrigerator.  You can also freeze the cake if wrapped tightly.  Wrapping individual slices will allow you to take out pieces, as you need them.


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