Cake Flavors 101

Cake Flavors 101

How do you make the right flavor choice when ordering cake for a number of people?  Do you order what you like? Go safe? Choose something wild and memorable?  Here are some ideas on how to order cake flavors that make everyone happy:



Who is the cake for?

Always consider the favorite flavors of the guest of honor.  Do they like basic vanilla?  Are they more adventurous?  Do they have any dislikes?

Who is attending the celebration?

Will there be a lot of children?  If so, more traditional flavors are a good choice.  Vanilla or chocolate cake filled with more universal fillings such as chocolate, vanilla and strawberry usually work best with the younger set.  With kids stay away from nut flavors as many children have nut sensitivities.  For adults, know your crowd.  Are they adventurous eaters?  Willing to try new things?  If so, you can experiment using more daring combinations.

Will there be other sweets served?

If so, consider what those flavors will be.  Try not to be repetitive.  If lemon custard is being served don’t choose lemon or fruit flavored cake filling. The cake should compliment the other treats or you can choose very different flavors to offer variety.

Do the cake flavor and filling go well together?

You love chocolate, you love lemon but do they eat well together?  Try to choose combinations that are complimentary flavors.  Ask your Cake Consultant for advice.  What combinations are most popular? What more daring flavors work well?  What are his/her favorite flavors?  Get a list of what the bakery offers, choose a few that sound delicious combined and run them by the Cake Consultant for a second opinion. 

How to WOW everyone if it’s a mixed crowd?

Having a celebration with a large number of kids and adults?  Order a two tiered cake, both tiers in different flavors.  Chose a more basic flavor to please the children and go for a more exotic flavor for the adults.  This is not recommended for a seated, more formal celebration such as a wedding because some people will receive one flavor and some another.  This may lead to someone’s disappointment.