The Dream Cake: How-to Tips

The Dream Cake: How-to Tips

Your Custom Cake, How to Realize your Vision

Placing a Custom Cake order is very exciting!  Here are some helpful tips for you to make the process as smooth as possible:


Browse Through Photos Online: At Butterfly Bakeshop, we have a wide range of Cake Galleries to view for inspiration such as our Custom Wedding Cakes Gallery, Wedding Cakes a la Carte GalleryCorporate Cake Gallery or Children’s Cake Gallery.  Your options are not limited to our galleries, however. We are open to any creative ideas you have.

Send Photos: We find it very helpful for you to send us photos of cakes that peak your interest. You may not find the exact cake you want to use; however you can highlight design elements, colors and style that will be helpful to us when creating your cake.

Prepare Ideas & Information: Have a general idea of what you would like the cake to look like when it is done and communicate that to your Cake Consultant.  Also, be prepared with the number of people you are looking to serve, your desired flavor and filling and any inscription you would like on the cake.  Details such as delivery date, time, address and party time should be on hand as well.  The Cake Consultant will ask you for your contact information and for the contact at the delivery location.

Have a Target Budget in Mind:  Custom cakes are a luxury item and the prices are determined by the amount of work and detail in the design.  Have a target budget in mind and communicate that to your Cake Consultant.  The Consultant should be able to guide you in the right direction to achieve your desired theme and look while staying within your price range.  If it is not possible to meet your budget goal, the Consultant can give you a more realistic range for you to consider.  Be open to different ideas!

Delivery Details: We offer delivery services depending on your location. Post delivery, there are specific steps to take to ensure your cake maintains its quality. Cakes are best eaten at room temperature. If you’re eating your cake today, do not refrigerate it! Place the cake in a temperature controlled room instead. If you’re eating the cake tomorrow, refrigerate it overnight and remove it in the early morning. It takes several hours for the cake to warm throughout.