Everything is Custom!

Everything is Custom!

Custom Cakes’ popularity have been rising steadily. But in fact, custom-made products in general have been the trend and are quickly becoming the norm in various industries. Common examples of customization would be in restaurants. Chipotle offers a variety of meats, veggies, and sauces to fill your tacos and burritos. However, this mass customization is slightly different from what Butterfly Bakeshop offers to its customers.


Mass customization is usually associated with extremely low-costs and great quantity. It gives customers more choices and low prices. For example, many chain restaurants provide Coca-Cola Freestyle vending machines that provide a multitude of drinks while charging low prices. The machine allows customers to not only mix-n-match different drinks, but also different flavors for each drink. Instead of just mixing Coca-Cola with Sprite, I can mix Coca-Cola Lime and Sprite Peach! This is different from luxury customization.


Luxury customization differs from mass customization in several ways: cost, lead time, options, and energy spent. Mass customization usually has preset options, while luxury customization is less restrictive on what is available. Butterfly Bakeshop’s cake artist Orlando Leon will sculpt out objects by hand for custom cakes. These sculptures take more time and energy, so therefore it will cost more money.


However, there are luxury custom items that do give preset options. eCreamery Ice Cream allows customers to create their own flavors, customize the name of the ice cream on the lid, and to ship it to people around the country! Customers choose the base (Sorbet, Gelato, Ice Cream), one flavor, up to three mix-ins (e.g. Oreo cookies), and then the name of the ice cream on the packaging. Check out their website here. Butterfly Bakeshop’s a la Carte wedding cakes also have set options to choose from. Other businesses that offer luxury customization include Villy Custom bikes, Alienware computers, and custom Converse shoes.


At Butterfly Bakeshop, we use quality ingredients and designs that are all done by hand to create truly unique cakes for each client. For the most part, no two cakes we make are the same. Therefore, we can’t mass produce our cakes because they are luxury custom items.


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