Frequently Asked Questions

We work out of our Cake Studio located trendy LIC.  It is conviently located between the Midtown Tunnel and 59th Street Bridge, 10 minutes outside Manhattan .  Our address is 4709 30th Street, Suite #406. We are in a commercial building on the corner of 47th Avenue & 30th Street.  It is an easy ride by subway, bus or Via.

Our custom cakes are priced individually based the design and detail. There are several technique options that we use to create your cake, the technique we propose to you will depend on your target budget. All prices listed are starting prices and then are determined based on the details required to create the requested design.

  • Edible Printout are the most economical. This is where we print an image (such as a logo or character) on edible paper using edible ink. Printed image cakes start at $125
  • 2D Fondant cutouts are the next option. This is where the Cake Artist uses Fondant to create a flat cutout of the design, these cakes start at $225
  • 3D Elements created and placed on top of the cake start at $325
  • Shaped Cake that are made into the shaped of an object start at $425

Our 48 Hour Xtreme Cake Collection offers pre-designed cakes that serve up to 12 and are $68 each plus delivery. Orders can be placed within the week for these popular cake creations (Our 48 Hour Cake Collection)


The delivery fee in Manhattan below 99th Street is $45 for cakes under $350.  For cakes over $350 the fee starts at $55 and may increase based on design, decorative elements, cake price, location, timing and special circumstances. Above 99th Street and beyond prices are determined on the exact address of the final destination.  Please speak with your Cake Consultant for details.

We are available for prearranged pick-up Monday through Thursday from 10am to 4pm and Friday 9am to 3pm. Some restrictions may apply. For large or intricately designed cakes we suggest delivery to assure that your cake arrives safely.

Our Cake Studio is located between the Midtown Tunnel and 59th Street Bridge, 10 minutes outside Manhattan in Trendy LIC.  Our address is 4709 30th Street, Suite #406. We are in a commercial building on the corner of 47th Avenue & 30th Street.  It is an easy ride by subway, bus or Via.

At this time we are unable to ship our cakes. We are working on a collection of designs that will ship that will be available in the near future.

Inspired by our belief that every couple deserves a luxury custom-designed cake that is both breathtaking and delicious, Wedding Cakes a la Carte enables couples to design their own one-of-a kind wedding cake at an accessible price. This collection allows couples to choose a Base Cake and Trim, then select from a number of popular individually priced Design Options and Decorative Elements. Couples have an opportunity to create a cake that showcases their style and fits their budget.

For those looking for a completely Customized Design, our Cake Artist and his team will create a Custom Designed Cake that fits your vision.

In production all of our equipment and utensils are used to bake and create cakes that contain peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, eggs and milk. While we are as careful as we can be and sanitize well, there is always the possibility that traces of these ingredients remain. If you or any of your guests are sensitive to these ingredients we cannot guarantee that traces do not remain and we suggest making alternate arrangements.

Fondant is a playable sugar dough used to cover cakes. Cakes covered in fondant allow for textures to be imprinted to the cake. Fondant gives a more round finish on the edge of the cake. Most decorative elements and trims are made of fondant.

Buttercream is soft, spreadable consistency. It can be smoothed over the cake giving the edges a shaper finish or can be swept on to create a swirled texture. It is sometimes piped on the base of the cake as trim. Buttercream if often used as filling between the cake layers.

Our cakes eat best at room temperature throughout. It should sit-out in a cool area, not in direct sunlight.

Eating your Cake Tomorrow? Refrigerate in the box overnight and remove it from the refrigerator with enough time for the cake to come to the proper temperature. It takes many hours for the cake to warm throughout.

If your cake has 3D elements or stacked tiers, please be aware that there may be food grade dowels or wires used for support.

Our business is growing and we often are looking for people to grow with us. When we are looking for new talent we reach out to applicants that have sent information in the past. If you are interested in working with us, please email your resume to and we will keep your information on file.

We work with many schools that require internships as part of their program. We are happy to host interns that receive school credit for their work. If you are interested in an internship, please send us and email to and speak with your school administrative team about the requirements to earn proper credit.

Cake Ordering Information

When you contact us to place your order we will ask you for details about your event and the type of cake that you are looking for. We find it very helpful for you to send us photos of cakes that peak your interest. You may not find the exact cake that you want to use however you can highlight design elements, colors and styles that will be helpful to us when creating your design.

Once we develop a design plan and the pricing fits for you we create an order invoice which we will send to you for approval. When all the details are checked and correct you will send us send us your written approval.

To assure that we can meet your needs we recommend placing your order a minimum of 2 weeks in advance but there are times when our calendar fills-up quickly and we stop taking orders so we suggest ordering as early as possible to secure your spot on our schedule.

With the exception of Wedding Cakes we require full payment, when the order is placed. For Wedding Cakes, we require a 50% deposit to secure your place on our schedule. The balance is due 2 weeks before your wedding date.

For Custom Cakes, payment can be made by credit card on the phone or by email. With 2 weeks lead time we accept checks and cash.

For our 48 Hour Collection, payment can be made online by credit card.

Custom Cake Request Form

If you see a cake that you like or have a picture of one you would like us to make simply fill out the following form, or give us a call at…


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