Everything is Custom!

Custom Cakes’ popularity have been rising steadily. But in fact, custom-made products in general have been the trend and are quickly becoming the norm in various industries. Common examples of customization would be in restaurants. Chipotle offers a variety of meats, veggies, and sauces to fill your tacos and burritos. However, this mass customization is slightly […]

Trendy: Dragées

Recently, an increasing number of customers have been requesting dragées on their cakes. Now, what is a dragée?   Dragées are simply sweets or decorations used on cakes and other baked goods. They are usually round and have a colored shell with a sweet center of chocolate, nuts, fruit or sugar. In the context of […]

Trendy: Gender Reveal Cake

Boy or Girl? That is what everyone is waiting to see at a Gender Reveal Party. When I say everyone, I mean EVERYONE! Even the parents of the expected baby are kept in the dark until they cut into their Gender Reveal Cake and see Blue or Pink.   Gender Reveal Cake The party is […]

Wedding Cakes a la Carte

Customized Wedding Cake at a Budget Friendly Price Butterfly Bakeshop has introduced a new, innovative cake-building program designed to help couples create their dream wedding cake for a budget friendly price: Wedding Cakes a la Carte.   The goal is to bring affordability to cake customization, while maintaining a degree of specialty. Wedding Cakes a […]

The Trendy & Chic Cake Buffet

    CAKE.  The pinnacle of every celebration.  But, do you know what is better than one cake? Lot’s of cakes!  Thus, the Cake Buffet was born.  For a wedding, the idea is to place your traditional wedding cake in the center of a buffet table and build several cakes in a variety of styles, […]