Everything is Custom!

Custom Cakes’ popularity have been rising steadily. But in fact, custom-made products in general have been the trend and are quickly becoming the norm in various industries. Common examples of customization would be in restaurants. Chipotle offers a variety of meats, veggies, and sauces to fill your tacos and burritos. However, this mass customization is slightly […]

Trendy: Dragées

Recently, an increasing number of customers have been requesting dragées on their cakes. Now, what is a dragée?   Dragées are simply sweets or decorations used on cakes and other baked goods. They are usually round and have a colored shell with a sweet center of chocolate, nuts, fruit or sugar. In the context of […]

The Trendy & Chic Cake Buffet

    CAKE.  The pinnacle of every celebration.  But, do you know what is better than one cake? Lot’s of cakes!  Thus, the Cake Buffet was born.  For a wedding, the idea is to place your traditional wedding cake in the center of a buffet table and build several cakes in a variety of styles, […]